Secret Speakers

Opening Your Heart To Kindness

We are living in a very competitive world. It may be a legacy that we are still carrying from our days as mindless animals wandering the world full of dangers, or it may be that mercy is not a quality that propagates well, but since our youth we are taught that it is the strong who survive and the kind ones those who get used and tossed away.

What we didn’t retain from out animal ancestors, unfortunately, is the sense of community that they have. An animal knows that the needs and survival of the community always take precedence to those of an individual. However, with the development of what we consider a higher form of intelligence, we somehow developed selfishness and a terrible capacity for ignoring the suffering of others.

Instead of pulling together and finding strength in numbers, we have done nothing but trying to get as fragmented as we possibly can. Creating divisions based on things like skin color, religion, ethnicity, and a number of other arbitrary criteria. The only way to be able to hope for a brighter future is to open up to people with different ideas and approaches to life than your own, to be accepting of everyone who asks for compassion and kindness, as that way you can be hope to be accepted as well. By extending mercy, compassion and kindness, we can help in brining the entire human race together and reach a brighter future together. While it may be difficult to show kindness to the world that may not have treated you with similar kindness, that is the only way to heal your wounds and go on with your life, the way it should be lived.

Power Of Forgiveness

A grudge is a terrible thing to bear, it pollutes the heart and clouds the mind, and yet so many people out there would sooner take their grudges to their graves, dying with hatred and anger in their hearts, than even consider forgiving their transgressor. The inability to forgive [...] Continue Reading…

The Secrets Within Us

History has seen a number of important people come and go. Those people are those we like to call Speakers of Secrets, and they have been trying to teach us how to live our lives with regard to others, how to be a part of the community and strive [...] Continue Reading…