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How to Play Euchre

by Clinton Miller
How to Play Euchre

Hi, my name is Charles and I’m here to give you the basics of how to play Euchre. This is a game that’s been around for a long time and especially in the Mid West of the United States it’s still very popular. Conventional Euchre is a four player game that uses what’s called trumps. What that means is that you have two players on a team and then two players on the other team. The teams sit across from one another. Now what happens is that the deck that it uses is a little bit unusual because it uses a twenty four standard playing cards which means that you discard everything below a nine.

Now, what happens is you deal each player five cards clockwise around the table. And usually the way that you want to deal it is that you deal two cards and then three and then two and then three. And then you switch it, three and the two, three and then two.

And which ever way you choose to do, either two and then three or three and then two, you just make sure that you make it consistent all the way through. Once everybody has the cards out, you take the remaining cards and you put them in what’s called the kitty in the middle. You then turn the top card of the kitty over and you begin bidding. What happens then is that each player looks at the kitty card as they want that card to be the trump suit which means that’s the suit that’s of a higher rank than any of the others. They pick it up. If you do pick up the card you then discard one other card from you hand.

and you know, that way you also get the first trump card. If you decide you don’t want that card to be the trump, you can just pass. If the pass is all the way around, then the first player is given the opportunity to call a different suit. And if no trump is selected then it’s a misdeal, you re-deal and start over again. This is slightly different from other trump games. The highest ranking card in Euchre is actually the Jack of trump.

The second highest is the Jack of the same color. If, hearts for example is the trump suit, the highest ranking card would be the Jack of hearts. The second highest would be the Jack of diamonds which is the other red followed pay by phone casino.

This is one of the unique things about Euchre that makes it really interesting. Now the names of these are also kind of interesting. You call the Jack of the trump suit the right power and the Jack of the other color the left power. In all of the other suits, Jacks stay in their normal place. Now to play the game, what you want to do is you take turns on bidding how many tricks starting at three that you’re going to take during the play. The team that declares the highest total then you know, becomes the declaring or calling team.

A single point is scored if you succeed in your bid. Two points are scored if you get all five of the possible tricks. If you fail to take the tricks, the other side gets two points. And this is called getting Euchred. If the caller, that is one of the players on the team that’s taking the trump, thinks that they can go it alone and they take all five tricks without help from the other player, the other player would then throw their cards in to the middle.

You get four points. If you fail, you lose two points, or rather the other team gets two points. The primary rule to remember when you’re playing Euchre is that one is never required to play a trump.

But one is required to follow suit, if possible. So if diamonds are led, you have to play diamonds no matter what trump is. If diamonds are led and you don’t have any diamonds, you may trump or you may play a different. suit.

As you can see it’s a very interesting game, a lot of depth of strategy and that is how you play Euchre.