I was born in a place that is as magical as it sounds: East Millcreek, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve been blessed with three loving and amazing children, and my mother is one of those angel mothers many children dream about.

A few years ago I finished writing Secret Speakers, happy that it got a School Library Journal starred review, and that Booklist’s Voice of Choice, Simon Vance, narrated it and brought it to life. I also got a call from a woman in Chicago who shall remain anonymous, telling me that Secret Speakers was being considered for the National Book Award.

I’ve had the blessing of seeing much of the world, and especially, being able to raise my children in the beautiful village of Richmond, Vermont, where we spoke French at home.

Now, I live in Orem, Utah, close to my parents and siblings. Over the last six years, I’ve been at home resting and healing from a myriad of mysterious physical challenges, and was finally diagnosed last year with Addison’s Disease.

I seem to have come out of it thanks to months of resting under the shade of a beautiful Honey Locust tree, and now it seems like I’ve been bumped up into Adrenal Insufficiency. Although I’m on the mend, starting to walk, get out of the house, and off the couch, I don’t do book signings any more. The toll they take on me puts me in bed for days. I rarely answer my phone or the doorbell. I love my quiet and simple life, my family, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know he is real. He lives. He is my rock, my redeemer, and my everlasting God.