Craps and Bingo

by Clinton Miller

The craps table offers some of the best action and best chances of any game in the casino, yet many players stay away. They feel the game is too complex, that there are too many choices and too many rules to learn, and they don’t want to look foolish. The truth is, the craps table is a very simple game, and you can be playing with self-assurance in no time.

Place your bet on the area of the table obvious “Pass Line.” This is the most common bet on the craps table and almost all players will have a bet here. You can win right away on the pass line in one of two ways: If you roll a 7 or an 11, you will collect even money. If the dice equal 2, 3 or 12, you will lose your wager. If any other number is rolled, the play continues. Now the dice need to equal the number that was rolled, such as a 5. The person rolling the dice continues until he rolls a 5 or a 7. If you roll a 5, you win; roll a 7 and you lose. All bets on the pass line pay even money.

Remove your odds bet at any time you become painful. In most casinos, you can withdraw your odds bet for any reason–or no reason at all. The casinos allow this because they have no arithmetical advantage on an odds wager. Your pass-line wager will remain, but you may take away from the game at any time; you are in no way committed to a certain number of plays or rolls of the dice.

Bingo slots game is a casino game that was invested in originally a traditional five- reel slot machine game. That game has grown into a video slot game that is played in casino across the world. The nature of slot machine like faced-paced nature is that join the bingo slot game.

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