Korea Here I Come

by Clinton Miller
Korea Here I Come

My daughter and I have been talking about me coming to see her in Busan, Korea, and I finally got my ticket. I’m so glad we’ll be together through Thanksgiving, her birthday and Christmas. Then we’re going to spend her school break during New Years in Kyoto, Japan.

I’m doing a big Secret Speakers fundraiser to give me some hotel money, because we have made reservations to stay in a ryokan, or traditional guesthouse, with the ofuro baths, kimonos to wear, tatami sandals, online casinos, futons to sleep on, and amazing food.

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I had a pair of wooden Geisha sandals with red velvet straps that we wore for dress ups. This time I’ll be wearing some for real. Or at least buying some to take home.

Life is good. I get to be with my girl. She and I are so much alike, it’s uncanny. We have a great time together, so this is going to be a once in a lifetime trip.