The Secrets Within Us

by Clinton Miller
The Secrets Within Us

History has seen a number of important people come and go. Those people are those we like to call Speakers of Secrets, and they have been trying to teach us how to live our lives with regard to others, how to be a part of the community and strive to make everyone’s life easier, instead of selfishly focusing only on our own goals and desires. People like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus (whether you believe that he existed or not, it is the ideas that he tried to convey that we are focusing on) and other, have been trying to show us the path to enlightenment, the path to living a life without closing ourselves off from our fellow human beings. Some people listened to them, but they were never as numerous as might be desired. Worse still, even among those who listened, there were never that many that understood the message and managed to live according to the principles these amazing men and women preached.

This is why we refer to the knowledge that they tried to share with us as ‘secrets’. Even though the words are known to many, their meaning remains obscured to most. Even though the sermons of righteousness and selflessness have fallen on many ears, most of them were deaf to their wisdom. The reason for this is these secrets shouldn’t be listened to using ears, but hearts.

That, perhaps, is the greatest problem of these kind of secrets, you have to be a specific kind of person to be able to understand them, and if you are that kind of person, chances are that you already know them. Indoctrinating other people in their true meaning can be a demanding task, but the rewards never fail to justify the effort. If you manage to explain to at least one person why pursuing personal gain and satisfying your impulses without any regard to people around you leads to nothing but misery and strife both for you and those around you, your time has not been wasted, and you have managed to make this world a better place.

So, what is it that prevents some people from opening their hearts to the truth of these secrets. Buddhists teach us that life is suffering, and while they attribute teaching and strengthening properties to that suffering, making it somehow beneficial, character building and educative, the actual suffering that a person feels can, more often than not result in disillusionment, bitterns and a suffocation of our potential for empathy. People born into the world that has never showed itself to them as anything else than cruel and unforgiving, often adapt to the conditions they have fund with the same type of attitude.

Someone who has never felt kindness in others, or in life in general, can hardly be expected to show kindness to the world and people who inhabit it. Such a person often grows angry with the world, and begins feeling like they don’t owe anything to the people around them, just because they don’t seem to have been given much in the first place. This is how a vicious cycle of the propagation of suffering begins. Someone was wronged, and then in anger they wrong someone else, until the anger finds someone who is willing to forgive, which is where that part of the cycle ends, sadly only temporarily.

This is why Speakers of Secrets are as important to the world as they are. They selflessly try to help us find the truths within us that can help this world climb out of the moral puddle that we have driven it into, and they do that at great personal sacrifice. The life of someone willing to share such teachings with their fellow men is never easy. They are regarded as outcasts, naïve people, hopeless idealists that only have a tenuous grasp on reality, however, even fully conscious of how alienating this can be, they persevere in their attempts to lessen the suffering and help us reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Even though some may consider a life spent in trying to impart these secrets to anyone willing to listen a wasted life, there is hardly any goal that is more worth pursuing. Imagine if you can, a world with people, just a bit more willing to consider the effect that their actions can have on the people around them, where not every thought is about oneself, but about spreading harmony and understanding among other human beings. Imagine the problems that would be a part of the past if only we were more willing to pay attention to needs and wants of others before considering what we want and need, no more hunger, no more wars and no fear that the world is out to get you, just blissful coexistence in a paradise of our own making, where you would never have to wonder whether you are deserving of such a bliss, as you would now you are as you helped create it. Just imagine.